January 18, 2019

A Message From Judge Marten

Overview. Addiction in one form or another has touched nearly every person in some way, devastating the lives of too many. In recent years, public awareness has begun moving away from the traditional thought that addiction in any form is largely a lack of willpower and toward recognition that it can have multiple causes, including genetic programming, differences in neurology, and environmental factors, among others.

In hopes of making the latest and best information available to every person who has been affected by or recognizes the complexity and damage of addiction, the District of Kansas federal bar is sponsoring a 1½ day Addiction Recovery Conference (ARC) on Saturday, October 12 and Sunday, October 13, 2019, at the Drury Plaza Broadview Hotel in Wichita, Kansas.  This will be an accessible but cutting-edge program, bringing together persons to present the latest information available concerning addiction and recovery.

The conference will have presenters from all walks of life on a broad range of topics. They will include, among others, folks who continue to struggle with addictions of all kinds, folks who have achieved decades of sobriety, researchers reporting on advances in identifying causes as well as cutting-edge treatment options, successful 12-step providers, providers addressing the dual diagnosis (mental illness and addiction), renowned persons with their own stories of struggle, a look at maintaining one’s own balance while dealing with an addicted friend or family member, dealing with the overdose death of a loved one, how persons without resources or hope might find assistance, the insurance industry and treatment.   


Who should attend? Anyone who is struggling with addiction, has a relative or friend who is showing signs of or who has a problem with addiction, teachers and other school personnel, mental health professionals, substance abuse treatment providers, probation officers and other corrections personnel, lawyers, judges, and anyone who has an interest in helping to assist in addressing these problems.

In addition to plenary sessions which are likely to be of interest to nearly all attendees, the conference will include several concurrent breakout sessions, some geared toward specific groups (e.g., teachers and other school officials, probation officers, legal professionals, medical professionals), and others which focus on a particular form of addiction (e.g., controlled substances, gambling).


Cost. It is free to everyone.


Continuing Education. The Kansas CLE Commission has granted 6.5 hours of General CLE credit along with 1.0 hour of Ethics & Professionalism CLE credit on Day One and 3 hours of General CLE credit along with 2.0 hours of Ethics and Professionalism CLE credit on Day Two.

The Kansas Behavioral Sciences Regulatory Board (BSRB) will accept and review the Addiction & Recovery Conference continuing education affidavits and checklists, then determine the amount of continuing education credit for social workers and licensed therapists on an individual basis.

Educators will submit the Addiction & Recovery Conference continuing education affidavits and checklists to their local school district for determination of points for conference attendance on an individual basis.


Conference Materials/Video Recording. All conference materials will be made available to attendees online. If we have attendees who do not have access to downloading and saving/printing devices, we will arrange to provide hard copies upon request. We also will be making video recordings of many of the presentations which will be available on YouTube or from some other source to anyone interested in reviewing any presentation again or to share with others any setting.


This is our first attempt at increasing awareness and the information level regarding a problem of greater moment than most persons realize. We are doing our best to make it the best of its kind anywhere. We can take care of the content, but the message will be most successful if we can attract a significant group of interested persons to share information with others who may not recognize a developing problem or who are on the verge of losing all hope of finding a way out of an overwhelming darkness.


Please mark your calendar for October 12-13, 2019, and join us as we continue our struggle to understand and battle addiction. Recovery is possible. Let’s work together to place it within reach of every lost person.